Best Restaurants in Wilbur, WA


When a person is looking for a restaurant in Wilbur, WA there are a number of places to choose from. There are some great restaurants, WA that will ensure that a person has a good meal every time they go. These restaurants are some of the top in the area for customer service and a great plate of food.

Aliibi Pub and Eatery

This pub has something for everyone. They have a wide selection of cold beer and brew. They also take classic foods and do them right. A person can get a hot dog, hamburger, and some classic sandwiches made the right way. This pub has bar seating as well as a pool table for entertainment.

Burger Billy’s

This is one of the best burger places in town. Each burger is made fresh to order. There are some traditional burger toppings such as cheese and bacon and there are some interesting combinations for people that are feeling adventurous. There is a burger here that will suit everyone’s taste.

Doxies Diner

This diner has a little bit of everything . There are breakfast items that are served all day such as omelets and pancakes. This diner also has traditional diner food such as sandwiches, pizza, and home cooked meals. A person can sit down to eat or they can get this food on the go. This classic diner food is tasty and satisfying.

The Rendezvous

This café is open and clean. A person can get a sit down meal as well as dessert. This is a place where the entire family can come and get a meal.

All of these restaurants will give a person a good meal at a reasonable price. They have tasty food and good customer service. A person can go to any of these restaurants in Wilbur, WA and know they will get a good meal.