A Visitor’s Guide To Grand Coulee, Washington


If you are planning to visit the beautiful state of Washington any time soon, be sure to make Grand Coulee one of your destinations to stop at. The area is filled with many beautiful sites to behold, including the Grand Coulee dam, not to mention all of the amazing scenery of the forests and mountains. In this article, we will be providing a history and guide for you as you plan your adventure through the city of Grand Coulee, Washington. Let’s dive in a little deeper to the vast history that lies in the city itself.

Grand Coulee, Washington, is full of a very rich history, especially to those who come to visit the Grand Coulee dam. Built between the years of 1933 and 1942 ( with it being fully finalized by 1974 with the third power station), and near the Columbia River, the dam is considered the largest electric power producing facility to be operating in the United States, standing at over 500 feet tall and measuring a mile in length. The dam was created for just that — To produce hydroelectric power via three separate power plants, and also to function as an irrigation system. The reservoir near the dam was named Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake ( also known as Lake Roosevelt) after the President who approved and oversaw production of the dam itself. Today, upon visiting, there are several buildings filled with artifacts from the construction as well as a theater. During the summer time, there is also a laser light show projected onto the walls of the dam for tourists’ enjoyment.

Grand Coulee may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer the tourists who come to visit, including pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and even a plethora of festivals and events all year around that you can attend. Whether you plan to make Grand Coulee just a quick pit stop on your tour of Washington State, or you plans to stay and enjoy all the beauty the area has to offer, it is definitely a remarkable place to be. Take the time to book your trip to the beautiful city of Grand Coulee, Washington, today!